CB - D BIT Bank Stick

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  • CB - D BIT Bank Stick
CB - D BIT Bank Stick CB - D BIT Bank Stick

CB - D BIT Bank Stick

£33.99 £24.99 -26%


The Cobalt Black range uses a unique process to Summittackle that specially hardens the military grade stainless that we use in manufacturing this hand finished quality product.

D-Bit is the ultimate tough ground bank stick, produced using the finest 1/2 inch Diameter Stainless Steel.

The D-Bit’s uniquely engineered point makes light work of even the hardest of ground.

Additional feature of a milled recess that accepts our T-Bar, which when used in combination ensures the bank stick goes in easily and straight every time.

The D Bit bank stick has a 200mm approx flat milled down the inner section so when used in-conjunction with a Buzz Bar, this Feature totally eliminates twist.


There is the additional option of a T-Bar to make easy work of getting the bank stick in to the ground.

Simply remove the inner bank stick and insert the T-Bar into the specially designed recess, then simply start the bank stick into the ground & apply light presses while rotating the T-Bar in a clock wise direction, check the bubble to make sure that the level is correct and continue until you reach the desired depth & then insert the inner bank stick to complete the process.


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