BK - D-Bit Bank Stick Black Edition

  • BK - D-Bit Bank Stick Black Edition

BK - D-Bit Bank Stick Black Edition



The D-Bit Bankstick is the ultimate tough ground Bankstick. Manufactured in the UK, the Bankstick has an ergonomic thumb screw teamed with a cleverly engineered inner section to ensure zero-twist and a solid hold when adjusting height. The D-bit point chews up the toughest of ground ensuring you can get your Banksticks into the ground with ease. It features a milled recess in the top so you can insert our T-Bar accessory to ensure it screws into the toughest of grounds and with the integrated spirit level ensures they go in straight first time, every time.

Each Colosseum Bankstick is a testament to precision engineering and is meticulously constructed from premium high grade Aluminum & Stainless Steel. These Banksticks are built to withstand the rigors of fishing, and to meet the highest standards of engineering guaranteeing longevity and performance.

The thumb screws can be tightened by hand or by using our easy-tight key accessory, perfect for wet weather conditions.

Bankstick Features:

  • Superior locking with our thumb screw for guaranteed zero twist.
  • Compatible with our entire Black Edition range
  • Constructed from high grade Aluminum & Stainless Steel for supreme strength and durability.
  • D-Bit point drives into the toughest of ground
  • Features milled top to allow use of our Stainless T-Bar accessory to easily allow you to drive it into the ground with integral spirit level to ensure banksticks are level.
  • Captivated shake proof spring
  • Anodized black finish.
  • Details: 9" | 165g
  • Details: 12” | 178g
  • Details: 16'' | 196g
  • Details: 20'' | 214g
  • Details: 24'' | 233g
  • Details: 30'' | 260g

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