SS - 3 Rod Adjustable Buzz Bar

  • SS - 3 Rod Adjustable Buzz Bar
SS - 3 Rod Adjustable Buzz Bar SS - 3 Rod Adjustable Buzz Bar

SS - 3 Rod Adjustable Buzz Bar



The Colosseum range of adjustable buzz bars offers the perfect combination of functionality and style. Manufactured in the UK from high grade Stainless Steel to our own exacting standards. They are fully adjustable and feature our distinctive Colosseum design alongside our cleverly engineered inner which stops twisting and ensures you can lock the buzz bars solid after adjusting. The ergonomic thumb screw allows you to easily extend and retract the buzz bar to suit your angling situation, whether it is all rods tight to one spot or spread out.

Our buzz bars are a testament to precision engineering and are meticulously constructed from premium high grade Stainless Steel. These Buzz bars are built to withstand the rigors of fishing, and to meet the highest standards of engineering guaranteeing longevity and performance.

The thumb screws can be tightened by hand or by using our easy-tight key accessory, perfect for wet weather conditions. 

Buzz Bar Features:

  • Superior locking with our thumb screws for guaranteed zero twist.
  • Distinctive Colosseum design
  • Compatible with our entire Stainless Steel range.
  • Constructed from high grade Stainless Steel for supreme strength and durability.
  • Can be used with our easy-tight key for easy locking of thumb screws.
  • Captivated shake proof spring
  • Details: 10” closed 16” open | 340g
  • Details: 9” closed 15” open | 320g

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