James Morley - Summit Team UK

James, 25 from Yorkshire. I mainly fish the  Trent for large carp & barbel aswell as a local syndicate, however the temptation to fish further afield is hard to resist. I believe it gives you a sense of freedom you simply can't achieve on commercial fisheries. The ultimate goal for me would be to catch a huge unknown UK river carp.

Over the past year both myself and Matt have started going on a trips to these wild venues abroad. After a very successful start we intend to really focus on this style of fishing over the coming years. These trips will go along way off the beaten path with big rewards at the end.

Our style of fishing requires strong, high quality & functional equipment that suits our style of fishing but can also deal with being packed up and lugged around at a moments notice - always a true indicator of how good a product really is.  Being part of Summit Tackle will help us take our fishing to the next level.