Thought I would share with you a recent trip to Crete Lakes France

For our anniversary my wife had got me a week’s trip to Crete Lakes France so I could join some of the guys that were going from Farlow's lake, so we arrived on the Saturday 1st April and I was not looking forward to the draw as I had been given the number 13 but after a recent run of rubbish draws in competitions I actually came out of the bag 2ndwhci was a right result.

Once we had walked the venue I had decided the peg I wanted and as the 2 anglers before me would double up I knew I would get the peg, the peg I wanted was 61 on Lake and it being the shallower end of the lake with a change of weather, wind direction and rising temps, really went here on a gut reaction as the peg had only done 3 fish the week before.

On lake 5 you can use the rowing boat to find spots and bait up so once set up I decided just to go with the areas the bailiff's had said for the Saturday night and use the boat in the morning after breakfast to find my own areas. so on the Sunday morning after 2/3 hours out with the boat and prodding stick I found a large area and proceeded to bait the area with 5 kilo of chopped essential cell and cell. Sunday and Monday passed with nothing and i was beginning to doubt my approach and hunch was right and I was really debating a move on the Tuesday if nothing graced the net Monday night.

Monday night then really kicked of what was to become the most astonishing week of my life where 8 carp came to the bank 3 of which were in the 40lb bracket. The week just really went on from there when on Tuesday night I hit every weight bracket in the lake from 18lb to the biggest fish which hit 61lb 2oz having 17 fish in total that night with numerous double takes and 1 triple take.

At one stage during the week I had 2 50lbers sitting in 1 landing net and a high 40lber in the other, and achieving 2 50lbers in 1 day is just mind blowing.

By the end of the week my captures were 61 fish including

1 60

5 50's

10 40's

23 30's

20 20's

2 high teens