Mick Tuck Blog - The Overnight Angler
Hi All,
For those that don't know me my angling is typically consists of short overnight stints. A full time job that includes call out means I have to juggle this with family time then fishing.
The lake where I am fishing at the moment is very weedy and due to that my presentation consists of a solid bag or a fairly long multi rig. The are not particularly shy and can often give away their whereabouts. I like to have a little lead around when I have chosen my swim for the night, especially if I've not fished in it for a while. Once I have a feel for the bottom make up this then helps me to decide what rig to deploy.
The first of these captures featured may not be the biggest so far from the Syndicate but you know what, they still make me smile! With fish in residence of up to 54lbs 15ozs you never know what that next bite will be. A warm strong South Westerly was blowing and it did not take one or three to poke their heads out giving away location. On the end of this is where I set up after several shows. It was 8pm and all was sorted with the shelter up and dinner on. They only occurrence before bedtime was my hotdog doing the off out the back of the roll and the 5 second rule was not an option. Hot Dusty Dog! My alarm is set for 5am to get up and watch the water, but before this, a 3am call was piercing in my ear from my right hand alarm. Fishing up against a weed bed meant I was up and leaning into it. The end result was one of the smaller stock fish in a big ball of weed, one for the future, and the only bite for me.
Second up and again a short session with a 5am alarm set. This trip I had selected a swim halfway down one of the grassy banks with a changing but pleasantly cooler North Westerly. There were three others on and settling mid water meant I did not encroach on any of them. Bait was dispatched to three spots and included Boliie, Pellet and Particles. A lovely evening was spent with my closest friend Scot chatting and putting the world to rights before retiring to bed just before 11pm. A 3am call from my left hand rod stirred me and again after a good battle I had a big ball of weed and another small common in the net. Waking Scot for a picture was not an option so the self take gear was set up and ready to go. That was the only action on this short session and to my knowledge the only bite on the lake.
All the best with your fishing guys n gals, be lucky!
Mick <;))))><