Anthony Roux - Summit Team France

Hello my name is Anthony, I am 28 year I am from my montluçon, I reside in Limousin.

16 year from now I practice carp technique called "modern" but I switched from coarse fishing for black bass and now I fall in love about carpfishing.

I like every kind of angling ( stalking , floater , lake , gravelpit , river) ! I try to go on the bank the most I can , for learning and adapt my type of fishing at every situation .

Now , I fish more and more the big lakes , the wild water fascinates me ! In the future I would go less on the bank but with the aim of fishing for the big lakes. 

It is with great joy that I represent summit because quality and impeccable ... reliability have been proven of summit products ... It's a great Joy that I represent summit because team family and products are awesome... hope to see you on the bank edge for a simple discuss from friendly passionate.