Carp Fishing In The North West - Gary 'Milky' Lowe - Blog - August

Hi all,

 Well this is the first blog I've done for Summit Tackle so I’ll just fill you in on what's been going on, well after moving to north wales from Essex every one was saying why are you doing that there is no carp up there, I thought well ill have to travel on distances to do my fishing then we'll the first few months I did, but after a while I got talking to a few ppl around here and got told of a few lakes close by that held a few good fish for up here and the more I dug the more lakes I found, so no carp up here lads stay down south lol.

Moving on to my fishing I’ve got 2 lakes that I’m treating both totally different in so many ways, one is over 360 acres and out in the sticks and very quiet with not a lot of carp for the size and the other is a club lake that is about 8 acres and 5 mins from my house, the bonuses of this is there are  loads of fish and its in a country park so you can imagine what the noise is like, dog walkers and kids screaming all day, I joined the club just so I could fish it when I couldn't get to my main lake and  get a few bites as there is around 300 carp in there quiet a lot for the size of the lake, I decided to do a night on there last week as was to busy to get to the big lake I arrived on a Sunday night so thought it would be quiet, the first part of the lake I reached was a little bay which is the deepest end of the lake. I sat there for a while but didn't see anything so walked round to the main body of the lake and how it had changed since I last looked, the weed had defiantly took hold and some of the lake looked unfishable, I walked around and ended up on a spit of land with a massive weed bed to my right which there was coots walking on the top of it, I stayed there looking and I noticed a few backs cruising about in and out of the weed so I thought let's get back to the car and get the gear round here.


After I wheeled the Barrow round to the swim I needed a sit down as I’m not as fit as I was :-) as I was sitting there I saw a lot more fish coming into the swim which made my confidence sky high ,after setting up I decided to have a little lead around I managed to find a few spots that was fairly clear so now I had to work out what rigs to use bottom baits were out the question so it was a chod or a solid bag ,I went for 2 chods fished on the light weed that I had found ,the 2 chods were cast out and a scattering of Mainlines Essential Cell and it was time for a brew and something to eat as it was getting late, as I sat there looking at the water the fish seamed to be moving out the weed as the sun was going down which was in my favour, after a few more teas it had got dark and I could here fish crashing not to far from my baited rigs, well I eventually settled down for the night, but the silence was broken in the early hours of the morning with a quick take as the fish had gone straight into the weed but I kept the pressure on and it slowly came to me and the fish and a ton of weed was mine, on the scales she went 24lb so I was well chuffed with that on a overnighter I stayed up from then just drinking tea and listening I had one more take as it was getting light but lost that to a hook pull, so 2 takes on a school night will do for me but all I kept thinking about will I was there was the big lake and are the fish were I think they might be and have they got on the bait that I've put in well only time will tell I'll be hoping that it will be my time for one big girls that will definately be over my pb if they come out, well ill be back there next week so fingers crossed and ill keep you posted if and when it happens

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